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Blue Star Glass® Automotive Glass Chip Repair

Did you know that an annoying little rock chip on your windshield, can easily turn into a long crack that may require complete windshield replacement? It's true! If the chip is not repaired right away, temperature variations, road vibration, and normal driving conditions go to work on it and eventually, it can create a crack that spreads across the full windshield.

Windshield repair is a process that combines modern technology and skill to fill a damaged area on a windshield with clear acrylic adhesive resin. The resin is then cured with an ultraviolet light. When done properly, the damaged area’s strength is restored, as is most of the clarity. Note: This process is not guaranteed and in some cases the repair will fail creating the need for complete windshield replacement.

By taking care of minor windshield abrasions now, you can avoid the higher costs associated with entire windshield replacement.

Blue Star Glass® is your solution for repairing your windshield chip at an affordable price! We charge $149.99 including tax for a single chip repair and $20.00 for each additional repair on the same windshield. Mobile service is available free of charge. Most comprehensive auto insurance plans will cover the full cost of windshield chip repair leaving you with no out of pocket expense.